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Quaint Scenery Watercolor Coloring Book

Quaint Scenery Watercolor Coloring Book

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This is a watercolor coloring book that is all hand made by the artist. Watercoloring books are an excellent way to practice watercolor painting without having to sketch out every image or think of a topic. They're also a fun activity to do on a date night, with kids, friends, or family. You can even set up your own painting party with these. 

Each book includes 10 pages and is 6 inches by 9 inches in size.
The theme is Quaint Scenery and there's 10 different scenery images that one can color.
This book is unique as in that it's made to look like a pencil sketch, therefore
once a person is finished coloring it - you can't see the lines that they were following
and it looks like a finished painting. Something that can easily be hung or given as a gift.

Each page also has a paint along video tutorial that is available to view on YouTube ( without any ads). Just scan the QR code on the back with your phone camera, or go on the website. 
I make each of these by hand using lithography therefore no matter what media you use it'll never smear. You can use oil, acrylic, ink, markers, pencils, or any other medium that you can think of. The primary use is for watercolors since I use a high quality cotton blend paper. 

The pages themselves are bound by rubber bands and have a mat backing. That way a person can take out and re-arrange the different pages if they so choose, so they don't have to stay in order. And the rubber bands provide slip resistance when placed on any surface. 

The idea is that is can be taken anywhere and used as a coloring book.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me through the contact tab on the website. 




Hand made using lithographs on quality watercolor paper.

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6 inches by 9 inches

Care Instructions

You can use any painting medium on this paper. You can use acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil, and even ink.

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